Islamic Insurance: Managing Risk. Driving Growth

The 5th Annual World Takaful Conference (WTC 2010) features an exceptional speaker line-up comprising industry leaders from across the world. Senior decision-makers will pinpoint new growth and global market opportunities for Islamic insurance products as the industry takes advantage of opportunities emerging at this phase of economic recovery. Participate in the high-powered debates at the world's largest gathering of Takaful leaders and get new insights into managing risk and driving growth.

Industry Leaders Shaping the Takaful Market at WTC 2010

Chakib Abouzaid
Chief Executive Officer
Takaful Re Limited

Debo Ajayi
Managing Director
Milliman Dubai

Yassir Albaharna
Chief Executive Officer
Arab Insurance Group

Dr. Ahmed Al Janahi
Managing Director
Noor Takaful
Deputy Group CEO

Noor Investment Group

Hussein Al Meeza
Managing Director &
Chief Executive Officer

Dubai Islamic Insurance
& Reinsurance


Tariq Al Rifai
Director - Islamic
Market Indexes

Dow Jones Indexes

D.R. Arya
Chief Manager - Middle East
and North African Region

GIC of India (GIC Re
Dubai Branch Office)

Sheikh Dr. Mohd
Daud Bakar
Member - Fatwa & Shari'a Supervisory Board
Noor Takaful

Nick Charteris-Black
Director - Global
Financial Services

A.M. Best

Dr. Alberto Brugnoni
Chairman of the Board