Pinpointing New Growth and Global Market
Opportunities for Takaful: WTC 2010

As the leading Takaful operators shift their business strategies from unsustainable investment income, the 5th Annual World Takaful Conference (WTC 2010), the world's largest and most influential gathering for leaders in the global Islamic insurance industry, will again gather international decision-makers in Dubai on the 12th and 13th of April 2010. The discussions at WTC 2010 will be all the more critical this year as industry leaders further revise their strategies to better position their Takaful businesses for the new economic realities and chart a renewed growth path.

What the Industry Leaders are saying about WTC 2010

Rafiq Halani
General Manager -
General & Health Takaful

SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Co. (P.S.C)
"With the years ahead looking exciting and challenging, the Global Takaful industry is in need of consistent commitment to the core tenets of Takaful. Right from our incorporation in 1979 in Dubai, UAE as pioneers in the Takaful industry, to our present day distinction as the world's largest Takaful and Re-Takaful Company, we at SALAMA - Islamic Arab Insurance have always stayed true to our values and principles. We have supported the World Takaful Conference since its inception 5 years ago not only as a show of our commitment to the industry but also because we have witnessed its importance in forging meaningful dialogues. The 5th Annual WTC is a "must attend" for all stakeholders".

Chakib Abouzaid
Chief Executive Officer
Takaful Re
"After four editions, the World Takaful Conference (WTC) has become one of the main Takaful events around the world. We in Takaful Re are committed to the Takaful industry; it is our duty to support this event and make it even more successful. With the recent recession, and questions about Islamic Finance in general, and the Takaful industry in particular, Takaful operators and professionals are requested to question their business models and practices, respond to the legitimate customers' questions; and also pave the way for more differentiation from conventional insurance in order to think and act Takaful. The WTC is the best forum to discuss such matters; we would like to see the delegates making the WTC sessions an even more rewarding experience."

Parvaiz Siddiq
Chief Executive Officer
Noor Takaful
"The takaful industry currently boasts very healthy growth prospects globally. The World Takaful Conference comes at a crucial time for the Islamic finance industry at large. It brings together global experts to engage in thought-provoking critical conversations and debates, about the most pressing issues contributing to the growth of the industry such as regulations, changing demographics, and growing affluence trends around the world".

Ismail Mahbob
President & Chief Executive Officer
MNRB Retakaful
"MNRB Retakaful is again proud to be associated with the World Takaful Conference. The forum helps in facilitating the Company's visibility amongst its existing clientele and prospects in the region. Formal and sideline interactions have also provided opportunities for the company to enlighten counterparties on its business plans going forward".

Nick Charteris-Black
Director, Global Financial Services
A.M. Best

"Takaful insurance is one of the fastest growing segments of the insurance market, although the recent economic crisis has proved that operators must evolve to thrive in a competitive environment. Implementing stronger risk management practices is just one of the requirements for Takaful companies, along with the need to diversify and offer new products. As A.M. Best has a separate methodology for rating Takaful companies, we are well aware of characteristics which are specific to the operators and their policyholders, and how this could help or hinder companies in what will undoubtedly be another challenging year ahead. The World Takaful Conference (WTC) provides a valuable opportunity to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector".