Islamic Insurance Industry:
Re-Positioning Business Strategies for New Economic Realities

The 5th Annual World Takaful Conference (WTC 2010), the world's largest and most influential gathering for leaders in the global Islamic insurance industry, will again be held in Dubai on the 11th and 12th of April 2010. The discussions at WTC 2010 will be all the more critical as industry leaders further revise their strategies to better position their Takaful businesses for the new economic realities and chart a renewed growth path.

Notwithstanding recent shocks on the financial markets, the global economic turmoil is beginning to cautiously give way to signs of recovery, and some industry experts are increasingly predicting new growth opportunities for leading Takaful operators. The opening keynote plenary session of WTC 2010 will feature debates and discussions on re-framing growth strategies for new economic realities. Key points to be discussed in this high-profile session include:

  • Revisiting Takaful growth forecasts: Managing the aftermath of the global economic crisis on the prospects for the Takaful industry
  • Have growth prospects for the industry been curtailed - or is Takaful still on track to become an $8bn industry by 2012?
  • Taking advantage of economic recovery: Pinpointing new growth and global market opportunities for Islamic insurance products
  • Revisiting growth opportunities in key Takaful product segments: Assessing Life vs. Non-Life product growth horizons.

Find out more about the findings from last year's WTC:

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The 5th Annual World Takaful Conference is the world's leading forum for you to explore new trends that will unleash growth in the Shari'ah-compliant insurance market. We look forward to your participation at WTC 2010 on the 11th & 12th of April 2010. Reserve your place today and join more than 350 international leaders in this dynamic market.