Islamic Project Finance & Infrastructure Development:
Driving Economic Growth

As the global financial industry cautiously navigates its way out of rough waters, infrastructure development is becoming a preferential engine that will play a key role in revitalising economic growth. The shortage of conventional credit has created a pressing need to broaden the base of financing, ushering in a new way of doing business for both conventional as well as Islamic banks. Experts continue to see the financing of large-scale infrastructure projects as a key stimulus of economic growth – and Islamic finance is poised to play a key role.

The 4th Annual World Islamic Infrastructure Finance Conference (WIIFC 2009), which will be held in Doha on the 3rd November 2009 under the theme Reinventing Islamic Project Finance, has set the stage for critical discussions for players in both the public and private sector to assess the outlook for the post-crisis infrastructure project finance market.

Now in its 4th year, WIIFC 2009 has successfully established itself as the leading international forum for exploring new opportunities & trends, tackling current issues and developing solutions for the financing of large-scale infrastructure projects.