Back to Basics for the Regional Insurance Market

As cautious optimism begins to return to the global financial markets and experts continue to plot the path to financial stabilization and economic recovery, there is no doubt that the Middle East insurance markets continue to offer huge potential for growth. However, even with the rapid expansion of the industry, the liberalisation of markets and the entrance of many of the major international players, current growth levels have only scratched the surface of the potential in the Middle East. The region also has a number of key challenges to tackle if growth potential is to be fully realised.

Now in its 6th year the Middle East Insurance Forum (MEIF 2010) is the region's largest and most significant annual platform for the international and regional insurance industry to assess the potential and seize new growth opportunities in the dynamic Middle East insurance market. With the regional insurance market entering a new phase of exciting development characterized by the introduction of tighter supervision, new compulsory insurance, liberalisation and the opening of markets, more than 400 delegates, representing decision-makers from Arab and international insurance and reinsurance companies, regulatory agencies, brokers, banking and finance organisations, will participate in the Forum.

With some experts projecting that growth in the Middle East insurance market will be substantially above international norms over the long term, an international panel of expert speakers will tackle the challenge of unlocking new growth opportunities in the regional insurance market. Key topics that will be discussed at MEIF 2010 include:

  • Strengthening Industry Foundations: Defining the Next Phase of Development for the Regional Insurance Markets
  • Product Development & Underwriting Trends in the Middle East: Assessing the Potential for Recovery & Growth in Key Products
    & Market Segments
  • Strengthening the Supervision framework in the Insurance Industry:
    Key Regional Regulatory Initiatives
  • Beyond the Crisis: Towards Stronger Reinsurance Capabilities
    in the Middle East
  • Optimising Asset / Liability Management in a Turbulent Environment
  • Assessing the Future Outlook for the Takaful and Re-Takaful Industry: Poised for Growth?