A Comprehensive Update on the Competitive
Performance of Islamic Banks

Exclusive Launch of the World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report
by McKinsey & Company

As the global Islamic finance industry enters the next phase of growth, there is a need to address a wide range of pressing issues facing the industry. The 17th Annual World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC 2010) will feature the exclusive launch of the eagerly anticipated 2010/11 edition of the World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report. The analysis and insights provided in this year's Report will be even more critical as it comes at a juncture when the major industry players are seeking to adopt best practices and re-visit key strategies and business models in order to ensure continued growth in a challenging economic environment.

Developed in collaboration with leading global strategic advisory firm McKinsey & Company, the Report - now in its 7th annual edition - will provide a comprehensive update on the competitive performance of the leading Islamic banks and the development of new strategies for the new global financial landscape.
Last year's Report highlighted that Islamic banking continued to grow notwithstanding the challenging economic climate, with Islamic banks outperforming conventional banks in terms of asset growth. However, both market values and profitability of Islamic banks have come under pressure, narrowing the gap with conventional peers.

The 2010/2011 World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report, will examine the overall competitiveness of the sector, including its achievements and the challenges it faces; a new focus on the affluent high-net worth segment of Islamic banking; how to measure "real" performance; and the present and future opportunities in the Takaful market.