Islamic Finance and the UK: Exploring a New Growth Paradigm

Islamic finance over the years has significantly surpassed its early beginnings as a niche industry to become an increasingly important component of the global financial system - and exciting new growth opportunities are emerging in key geographies.

The United Kingdom has been a first-mover for the development of Islamic banking and finance in Europe and its long-term prospects remain attractive as a growth market. The 17th Annual World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC 2010) will this year offer an even more dynamic platform to explore emerging opportunities which will build a new growth paradigm in these key markets.

Richard Thomas
Chief Executive Officer

Gatehouse Bank
"Gatehouse Bank are pleased to once again be supporting the WIBC in 2010. We are excited about the opportunities presented in an improved trade and economic outlook worldwide, and we are keen to explore new territories also where Islamic finance is now gathering strong momentum. As well as providing a forum for natural Islamic jurisdictions in the Middle East and Asia, we welcome its wider global engagement to help move the industry beyond niche to its absolute relevance in the broader financial services spectrum."

Featuring the UK Pavilion @ WIBC 2010