Islamic Finance Makes Strides into New International Markets
Britain Comes to WIBC 2010: A Part of the World Comes
to WIBC Initiative

Held with the support of the Central Bank of Bahrain, the 17th Annual edition of the World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC 2010) - the world's largest annual gathering of Islamic finance leaders, will be held from 22nd - 24th of November 2010 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The global Islamic finance industry is seeking to 'build a new growth paradigm' in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and WIBC 2010 will set the stage for discussions and debates which will ensure the continued success for the industry in the new global financial landscape.

Notwithstanding the recent challenges that have beset the global economy, Islamic finance continues to make huge strides into exciting new geographies - as the leading industry players explore opportunities in new international markets.

The World Comes to WIBC Initiative - a WIBC innovation that has been designed to give the global Islamic finance industry a collaborative platform to highlight and discuss the key issues facing the industry as players seek new growth avenues in key international markets.

WIBC 2010 will feature a fully-fledged UK pavilion which will showcase the leading Islamic financial institutions from the United Kingdom. The UK has been a first-mover in the development of Islamic finance in Europe and it continues to remain an attractive high-growth potential market in the long-term, notwithstanding the current issues facing the markets. Visit the UK Pavilion at WIBC 2010 to explore emerging opportunities which will provide a new and sustainable growth impetus in the region.


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