WIBC 2010: Exploring New International Growth
Markets for Islamic Finance

The fact that there are over 430 Islamic banks and financial institutions operating in more than 75 countries, and about 191 conventional banks that have Islamic banking windows, is evidence of the growing geographical scope of Islamic finance. Islamic finance over the years has significantly surpassed its early beginnings as a niche industry to become a crucial component in the global financial system - and exciting new growth opportunities are emerging in key geographies.

The 17th Annual World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC 2010) will this year offer an even more dynamic platform to explore these new growth markets for Islamic finance and seek emerging opportunities which will provide a new growth impetus.

The Country Focus Roundtable

A part of the World Comes to WIBC Initiative

The Country Focus Roundtable at WIBC 2010 will feature a panel of international experts representing new growth markets for Islamic banking and finance with a special focus on UK, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, and Africa. This exclusive roundtable debate will address how well-positioned Islamic banks can explore international growth opportunities in countries with sufficient target population, strong un-met demand and feasible market entry based on competitive environment and regulatory climate.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What initiatives are underway in key emerging markets for Islamic finance?
  • Examining the appetite and potential for Islamic finance in non-Islamic countries
  • Key insights into new developments in Islamic banking in UK, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, and Africa


Speaking ahead of the conference, Fernand Grulms, Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg for Finance said:
"Luxembourg for Finance (LFF) is a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg Government and the Luxembourg Financial Industry Federation (PROFIL).  Its role is to contribute to the development of Luxembourg as an international financial centre by means of a structured international communications policy and by nurturing new business sectors.

LFF supports the development of Luxembourg as an Islamic finance centre, actively promoting its potential as a business hub for Europe and the rest of the world.  The Luxembourg market is particularly active in the area of shariah compliant investment funds and the listing of sukuk. The World Islamic Banking Conference is an opportune platform for us to showcase the Islamic finance capabilities of Luxembourg."