Islamic Finance and New International Growth Markets
The World Comes to WIBC
1,200 Market Leaders. 50 Countries. 1 Gathering : WIBC 2010

Despite the effects of the economic slowdown, the global footprint of Islamic finance continues to expand and exciting new growth opportunities are emerging in key geographies. The 17th Annual World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC 2010) will this year offer an even more dynamic platform to explore these growth markets for Islamic finance and to seek emerging opportunities which will provide a new growth impetus.

The World Comes to WIBC Initiative: A Global Gathering

The World Comes to WIBC Initiative
is designed to give the international Islamic finance industry a collaborative platform to highlight and discuss key issues the industry is facing across the globe. The international representation of more than 50 countries provides the discussions at WIBC with a truly international perspective.

Genuinely Global Dialogues
The Country Focus Roundtable Session at WIBC has placed further emphasis on exploring new and emerging geographies for Islamic banking and finance. The interactive session, featuring a panel of international experts, will address how well positioned Islamic banks can explore international growth opportunities in countries with sufficient target population, strong un-met demand and feasible market entry based on competitive environment and regulatory climate - with a special focus on UK, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, and Africa.