WIBC Asia 2010 Explores Islamic Finance
in New High-Potential Markets

With less than 2 weeks to go and with more than 320 delegates already registered, the inaugural meeting of the World Islamic Banking Conference: Asia Summit (WIBC Asia 2010) has set the stage for the leading players in the Islamic finance industry as they seek new growth horizons.

Key Country Spotlight: The Future Outlook for Islamic Finance in Key Market
- China, Japan, Malaysia, Iran, Singapore, and Turkey

Harris Irfan
Head of Islamic Products
Barclays Capital
and Barclays Wealth

Harris Irfan, Head of Islamic Products for Barclays Capital and Barclays Wealth, will lead the session which will look at the recent developments in new growth markets for Islamic finance, with a particular focus on the emerging opportunity landscape in Asia.

Country Spotlight Panelists:

Ibrahim Hassan
Chief Executive Officer
Maybank Islamic

Cenk Karacaoglu
Vice President
Bank Asya

Etsuaki Yoshida
Deputy Head, Africa
and Middle East

Japan Bank for
Cooperation (JBIC)

Farshad Nowshadi
Vice President
-Tech & Strategy

Saman Bank Corp

Farshad Nowshadi
Vice President
-Tech & Strategy

Saman Bank Corp
"Saman Bank is Iran's leading provider of intelligent retail and corporate banking, and widely perceived as one of the most technologically advanced banks in Iran. By introducing such services as Iran's first online banking, Saman Bank through innovation has changed the nature of banking in Iran. Saman Bank is delighted to be a partner of the 1st World Islamic Banking Conference: Asia Summit (WIBC Asia 2010). We envisage this important conference will enable better global collaboration amongst the world's Islamic financial institutions, and are very proud to be associated with WIBC Asia."